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Totally dedicated to fitness:

It is commonplace for a person to meet at a physical place or a gym when they want to train together. But what do you do when you do not have anyone who shares your passion or there is no gym like community place or a club where people can meet and work out together with common equipments.

That is why we have this for you:

In this high tech world, what is there that cannot be establishes at the click of a button or may be a tap of the screen? We present you a full-fledged application where you can get A to Z on health, fitness and lifestyle.

This app is different:

This is not your regular application. This is in fact an application that is completely different from the host of applications that are there dime a dozen. The difference lies in the approach. The application is run by a team of fitness enthusiasts who are actually trained bodybuilders and are therefore well aware of the problems and the challenges that people who are into strength training face. You can be assured that all the inputs including the articles, blogs and reviews of equipments, gyms and clubs are written by experienced trainers and not even a single content is by any paid content writers.

Talk to experts:

You can talk to trainers and experts via the application and get personal advice for anything that you like. The application is free for a trial period of one year after which you can choose between the membership's schemes to get the best value for your money. At renewal of your subscription, you will get a free CD from the Golden Gym Productions worth $200 absolutely free. You can also refer your fried sot the app to win more attractive prizes and offers.