Here is a complete guide to building muscles

You need to reduce the fat to build on the bulk:

The paramount need to build muscles is to reduce the fat content in the body. Indeed it is the first step. Once the fat in the body is in a melting down stage, be sure that your body is ready to build the muscles. The balance between the reduction of the fat in the body and the building of the muscles will be needed to be treading by carefully choosing what you eat and what you avoid.

Food high on protein is a must:

The food that is rich in protein is something that the person will need to be big on. Avoiding heavily fried food, junk and starchy foods along with food that is very high on unsaturated fat content will need to be either toned down or eliminated altogether from the diet. A negligible amount of cholesterol may not do too much harm though. Why do guys want to build muscles?

Well, to start with, no one wants to look tiny and men because they are men will always aspire to become big and strong. The need to look their best peaks just before summer which is just the time for the sun bathing season and so naturally a lot of men hit the gym floor to pack in some bulk.

The problem is there:

Therein lays the problem. Building your body is a step by step process often not accomplished in small stop gap sort of time. It is a long drawn and a long term process where it is important to be patient, determined, perseverant and sincerely hardworking to be able to achieve the desired results.

Motivation is extremely important:

Most of all, the person must be motivated. Self motivation always proves to be best. However, if the environment is conducive and he has peers or a community of body builders or he belongs to a club where the folks motivate each other by competing and complementing then it is helps them positively tips to get your first car.

Going slow but steady on the weights:

If muscles are what you want then you must gradually up the weights in your training. You must also round up the workout with squats and lifts and other compound exercises which can help the muscle growth in other parts of the body.

Sleep is as important as the training itself:

If you think that you can exercise and not be bothered to hit the bed in time for a prolonged eight hour sleep, there is a high chance that you either will end up undoing the work put's effort or in the worst case end up injuring yourself.

Sleeping for a complete cycle helps soothe the worked out muscles and helps repair any damage to them by way of wear and tear. Eating more on the days you train: A lot of proteins and carbs and vegetables is what you need to gorge on when you train. You can help yourself with food from the other groups on the rest days if you feel like it.

Fitness is not a stop gap approach:

Once you decide you want to build muscles, make sure that you view with the seriousness that it deserves. Not giving it the time and energy it deserves can only make the efforts futile. Also, if you feel de-motivated, think of the reason why you started it in the first place.